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How do the Lume Laundry products work?

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Will your laundry products help with body odor?

Trust us when we say we've done a lot of research on odor of all kinds – it’s kind of our thing. In that research, we found that body odor actually occurs not only on our skin, but in our clothes as well. That odor is caused by a complex colony of ba

Can I use Lume Laundry products on all types of fabric?

You can use Lume Laundry products on all common fabric types except for silk or wool. The good news is that those natural fibers are less susceptible to biofilm and permastink!

What is the difference between the Pre-Laundry Spray and the Detergent Booster?

Pre-Laundry Spray and Detergent Booster (formerly known as Sink Soak) both have the same purpose - to remove stubborn odor stains! The Detergent Booster treats the ENTIRE garment more deeply whereas the Laundry Spray is perfect for smaller odor-prone

How often should I use the laundry products?

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Are the Laundry products skin safe?


Is it safe to use other laundry products while using Lume Laundry products?

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Do the Laundry products work better than detergent?

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