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Will your laundry products help with body odor?Updated 4 months ago

Trust us when we say we've done a lot of research on odor of all kinds – it’s kind of our thing. In that research, we found that body odor actually occurs not only on our skin, but in our clothes as well. That odor is caused by a complex colony of bacteria called biofilm (it’s real, you can Google it!) that eat our sweat, skin cells, etc., and cement themselves into the fibers of our clothes, sticking around wash after wash. Regular detergent just didn’t seem to cut it with getting rid of biofilm and, unfortunately, our body heat and moisture end up reactivating that bacteria’s odor even in a shirt fresh out of the washer & dryer! Because we tend to blame deodorant for any incompetencies in the general underarm area (and we don’t want that!), we decided to take on the challenge of developing an enzyme blend that could break down that biofilm – Lume Laundry Products!

And guess what – we did it! Third-party independent testing found in clinical tests that our Laundry Spray and Detergent Booster (formerly known as Sink Soak) eliminate 99.8% of biofilm in clothing -- nearly 3x more biofilm than detergent alone 🎉 Pretreating troublesome articles of clothing will get Lume Whole Body Deodorant off to an even better start in controlling odor for 72 hours. 

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