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How do the Lume Laundry products work?Updated 4 months ago

Invisible bacteria, fungus, and mold are growing in your clothes and eat your bodily fluids, fats, dead skin cells, detergent, and deodorant residue and then excrete a concrete-like substance that is made up of whatever you throw at it. Biofilm is made up of fats, proteins, sugars, DNA, starches, and carbs. Each one of those little building blocks combines to form a solid matrix that detergents have a difficult time removing. Each one of the 5 enzymes we use has a very specific role of removing one of those many building blocks that might be buried under or encased in one another. Our laundry products work to break biofilm down bit by bit into smaller fragments so your detergent does a more effective job washing it away. It makes your detergent work even better so you can wear your clothes longer between washes, do less laundry and smell better longer in your clothes!

Lume Laundry products are clinically proven to enhance the performance of traditional detergents when used as a first step. We all have those articles of clothing we still love that we can no longer trust in public due to the unexpected sudden stink that blooms just as soon as we warm up our clothes with a little body heat and sweat. 

Keep in mind that both the Laundry Spray and Detergent Booster (formerly known as Sink Soak) have the same purpose - to remove stubborn odor stains! The Booster treats the ENTIRE garment more deeply where the Laundry Spray is perfect for smaller odor-prone areas. We recommend the Booster for problem articles of clothing, towels, etc. as there is no chance of missing an invisible odor stain 😊


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