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What's the difference between all of your Whole Body Deodorant options?

Aluminum Free Whole Body Deodorants. Our Aluminum Free Solid Stick Deodorant is a whole-body solid deodorant powered by mandelic acid with clinically proven 72-hour odor control. The Solid Stick was created with our pits or flat surfaces in mind as i

Can the Solid Stick be used on the whole body like the Cream Deodorants can?

Yes! While our Whole Body Solid Stick Deodorant can be used anywhere on the external body just like our Cream Deodorants can, it was formulated with underarms and flat surfaces in mind. We recommend the Solid Stick for pits and our Cream Deodorants f

Do you offer a product that controls sweat?

Our Aluminum Free Whole Body Deodorants are aluminum-free, so they are not sweat control products. If you're interested in controlling odor and sweat, look no further than our new Whole Body Deodorant Plus Sweat Control! It is clinically proven to co

How do I tell the difference between external odor & odor caused by infection?

Most of the time, private part odor occurs as a result of bodily fluids like sweat, urine, semen, and menstrual blood coming into contact with external bacteria, not an infection. Lume Whole Body Deodorants are external products that make it harder f

Is Lume Deodorant edible?

Lume's Whole Body Deodorants are not considered edible and have an acidic taste. We recommend applying a trace amount to clean, dry skin a few times a week rather than immediately before intimacy. With the small amounts needed for application, it doe

Does Lume Deodorant stain clothing?

Nope! Lume’s patented Cream Deodorant is water-based and does not leave stains or residue in your clothing 🎉 The potential for visible marks on clothing is higher with our Solid Stick, however, the good news is that we formulate our base with water

Will Lume Deodorant help with chafing?

Lume Whole Body Deodorants are not designed to prevent chafing, so if this is your goal, it may help but keep in mind that the main purpose of our Deodorants is to control body odor. While helping with chafing is not its intended purpose, we have hea

Does Lume require a pit detox?

Unlike other products, Lume Whole Body Deodorants do not require a transition period or pit detox to prevent irritation. It doesn't contain baking soda which is a common culprit for irritation in other products. Lume's formulas are pH-optimized and s

Can I use Lume Whole Body Deodorant Plus Sweat Control on private parts?

Lume Whole Body Deodorant Plus Sweat Control is OBGYN-developed and pH-optimized and is safe for all external use including private parts! Keep in mind that it should not be used on broken or irritated skin and that your skin should be completely dry

Can I use Lume Whole Body Deodorant Plus Sweat Control before a mammogram?

We recommend you follow the instructions of your mammography center 😊

What's the difference between your Whole Body Deodorant Plus Sweat Control and antiperspirant?

Lume Whole Body Deodorant Plus Sweat Control is not an antiperspirant. It is a sweat control product powered by mandelic acid and aluminum salts that is clinically proven to control both odor and sweat on pits, feet, privates, and beyond for 72 hours

Experiencing a rash or irritation?

Reactions to our products are very uncommon, but anytime we put a product on our skin, it can reveal sensitivities to an ingredient. Lume body products are for external use only and should never be used internally or on skin that is already broken or

Can I use Lume after shaving, waxing, or hair removal?

We do not recommend using our Whole Body Deodorants on skin that is irritated or broken so if you still have any irritation after any type of hair removal, we would recommend waiting for the skin to calm down before applying.