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Experiencing a rash or irritation?Updated 2 months ago

Reactions to our products are very uncommon, but anytime we put a product on our skin, it can reveal sensitivities to an ingredient. Lume body products are for external use only and should never be used internally or on skin that is already broken or irritated. We also recommend doing a patch test on a small area of skin before applying more widely the first time you use a new product. If one does experience irritation while using our products, discontinue use.

Something that some customers have found helpful in the past is that just a little bit of Lume Whole Body Deodorant goes a long way so it's important to apply the correct amount to completely dry skin to minimize irritation from over-application or application to wet or damp skin (see 'How and where do I apply Lume Deodorant?' for detailed application instructions.) 

If you've used the product with success in the past and are only just now experiencing irritation or feel like the irritation might not be caused by the product itself, there are other reasons one might experience sensitivity including but not limited to chafing, heat rash, and shaving. If you think one of these may be the cause and you want to give the product another try after your skin heals, we would recommend doing a small patch test first. While your skin is still recovering, you could do the following to encourage healing:

  • keep the area dry and cool
  • wear loose clothing with natural fibers to keep air circulating 
  • stay out of conditions where you will sweat
  • apply an unscented lotion or moisturizer if your rash is dry
  • avoid shaving & change your razor blade 

We understand that Lume may not be for everyone and we are always glad to honor our 60-day return policy. And if you need further assistance, please send us a message and our team will be happy to help!

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