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What scents are available and what do they smell like?Updated 2 months ago

The scents of Lume products are not overpowering and play no role in their effectiveness! The magic of our products is rooted in how well they work. Lume stops odor BEFORE it starts rather than attempting to mask odor with fragrancešŸ§”

We offer a variety of products in the following scents:Ā 

Lavender Sage
Lumeā€™s original signature scent combines soothing lavender with a hint of clary sage. Itā€™s a classic! Ā 

No fragrances or essential oils for those who prefer the scent of nothing at all.

Toasted CoconutĀ 
Add a splash of vanilla to the inviting scent of toasted coconut, and youā€™ve got the perfect recipe for a delicious day.Ā 

Clean Tangerine
With sparkling, bright, citrus notes, this sweet and fruity scent is pure sunshine.Ā 

Peony RoseĀ 
Light, romantic, and laced with the sheer scent of delicate blossoms and citrus bergamot. Ā 

Fresh Alpine
The restorative green scents of the forest combine with a touch of pepper and bergamot. Crisp and clean as a mountain morning full of possibility.

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Lume DeodorantĀ stops odor BEFORE it starts with clinically proven 72-hour odor control. Our deodorant is powered by mandelic acid and formulated with no aluminum, baking soda, or parabens.

Lume Bar SoapĀ is an old-fashioned, moisturizing soap that can be used to gently cleanse anywhere on the external body with its skin-nourishing and supportive formula.Ā 

Just like our deodorant, Lume Acidified Body Wash is powered by mandelic acid and is clinically proven to leave you smelling 3.5X better than soap right out of the shower. So while it is not a deodorant, it will get your deodorant off to a better start and leave you smelling better longer!Ā 

Powered by mandelic acid, Lume Acidified Body Butter is clinically proven to exfoliate, hydrate, and improve skin's radiance by reducing bumps on the backs of your arms, thighs, and butt cheeks. It promises to double your skinā€™s hydration for 24 hours from the very first application, and triple your skin's hydration after 2 weeks of daily use!Ā 

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