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What scents are available and what do they smell like?Updated 8 months ago

The scents of Lume products are not overpowering and play no role in their effectiveness! The magic of our products is rooted in how well they work. Lume Whole Body Deodorant stops odor BEFORE it starts rather than attempting to mask odor with fragrance 🧡

We offer a variety of products in the following scents: 

Lavender Sage
Lume’s original signature scent combines soothing lavender with a hint of clary sage. It’s a classic!  

The ideal choice for those who prefer the scent of nothing at all.

Toasted Coconut 
Add a splash of vanilla to the inviting scent of toasted coconut, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a delicious day. 

Clean Tangerine
With sparkling, bright, citrus notes, this sweet and fruity scent is pure sunshine. 

Peony Rose 
Light, romantic, and laced with the sheer scent of delicate blossoms and citrus bergamot.  

Fresh Alpine
The restorative green scents of the forest combine with a touch of pepper and bergamot. Crisp and clean as a mountain morning full of possibility.

Minted Cucumber
Crisp and bright cucumber aloe infused with a splash of mint - feels like a soothing day at the spa.

Soft Powder

Pamper yourself with the clean and luxurious classic scent of soft powder.

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