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How long does each product last?Updated 2 months ago

Lume Deodorant

Everyone's body is different and may require more or less each day depending. Since Lume has been clinically proven to provide 72-hour odor control, you may find you can go longer than a day without re-applying.

The typical usage for underarms is a trace amount from the Cream Stick or a small pea-sized amount from the Tube. Everywhere else on our bodies needs just a trace amount to do the trick.

Using a pea-sized amount on both of your underarms, you can get: 
150 applications from a 3 oz Deodorant Tube
110 applications from a 2.2 oz Cream Deodorant Stick
37 applications from a 0.75 oz Mini Deodorant Tube
For private parts or other parts of the body, it can be even more applications depending on how many places you apply.

The length of time a Solid Stick lasts depends on how often and how many places you use it, but you can expect about 130 underarm applications. 

Lume Acidifed Body Cream

Because everyone's body is different, the length of time a tube of Acidifed Body Cream will last will differ with each user. A little goes a long way, but how much and how often you apply is a personal choice! In general, a generous pea-sized amount per arm and twice as much per leg are our application recommendations. Based on these recommended amounts, each tube has 150 full leg applications and 300 arm applications.

Lume Acidifed Body Wash

Using the 8.5 oz Lume Acidified Body Wash for a full-body cleanse will last about 45 showers! If you choose to use it more sparingly for your most odor-prone areas, it will last 90 showers or more. 

Lume Bar Soap

The length of time a bar of Lume Soap will last is dependent on how often it's used and where it's stored. For best results, we recommend storing it in a dry area between showers or baths. It was designed to last many washes -- we have heard from customers who have showered regularly with one bar for months! 

Lume Wipes

Lume Wipes are available in packs of 14 (individually wrapped), 15 (soft pack), and 45 (soft pack.) How long each pack lasts is dependent on how often they are being used, but a general rule of thumb is that you can freshen up multiple areas of the body with 1 wipe by folding it in half between each area. 

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