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Do Lume products ever expire?Updated a month ago

A sealed container of our Aluminum Free Cream Deodorant or our Cream Deodorant plus Sweat Control has a shelf life of two years. If it has been opened, the shelf-life is one year. After these points, the safety and efficacy of the product aren't impacted, however, over time, scents and texture can change. 

Our Solid Stick Deo has a shelf life of two years.

Acidified Body Wash
Lume Acidified Body Wash has a shelf-life of two years.

Acidified Cleansing Bar

The shelf-life of our Acidified Cleansing Bar is three years. After one year, you may notice changes in the appearance of the bar, however, those won’t affect its safety or how well the product cleanses.

Deodorant Wipes  

A pack of Lume Wipes will last one year as long as they are not left open or allowed to dry out.

Bar Soap

Our Soap Bars have a shelf life of three years.

Acidified Body Cream

Lume Acidified Body Butter has a shelf-life of one year after opening.

Laundry Products

Laundry Products have a shelf life of 1 year when unopened and 6 months when opened.

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