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Discontinued ScentsUpdated 16 days ago

We have retired some of our scents in order to make room for new and exciting things! At this time, we don't have plans to bring these exact scents back -- However, we did just launch some new scents that we think you'll love: Toasted Coconut & Fresh Alpine! If you'd like to read more about those improved scents, you can do that here

Discontined Scents: 
  • Bay Rum
  • Sandalwood Citrus
  • Cucumber Melon
  • Jasmine Rose (If you loved this one, you might also love Peony Rose) 
  • Sweet Lily
  • Twisted Lime
  • Warm Vanilla
  • Coconut Crush (If you loved this one, check out Toasted Coconut) 
  • Silver Spruce (If you loved this one, it's been updated into Fresh Alpine) 

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