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Is aluminum actually bad for you?

Lume Deodorant is “accidentally” aluminum-free. Dr. Klingman set out to solve a problem and aluminum played no focus or role in the solution. Instead, the focus was on feminine odor and treating it safely. In solving the problem, with a natural focus, it just so happened that the ingredients did not contain aluminum. This is an added benefit because aluminum stains our shirts yellow and doesn’t control odor well. The products that contain aluminum are so heavily scented you cannot wash the waxy mess out of your clothing. We don’t like aluminum for those reasons.

Many people are now looking for aluminum-free deodorants because of concerns that aluminum causes cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The claims for causing breast cancer are unfounded and Alzheimer’s association will require more studies. The paraben preservatives act as an estrogen and are probably going to prove to be more concerning than aluminum. Thankfully, Lume doesn’t use those either.

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