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Guide to Getting Started with Lume!Updated 2 months ago

Lume Deodorant works differently than any other deodorant you've ever tried by preventing odor on your skin before it even has the chance to start. Priming skin and prepping clothing will help you get the most out of each application of Lume right from the get-go! 

Priming Skin
"Priming" your skin with Lume Deodorant is essential at the start because it helps rid the skin of waxy residue from previous deodorants and also begins the process of preventing the reaction between bacteria & bodily fluids that causes odor on our skin. As a new user of Lume, you initially need to start out applying every day. Elevate a trace amount of Lume from the deodorant stick or dispense a pea-sized amount from the tube. Apply to the center of your dry armpit and rub into the skin, extending the application area 2 inches outside the hair-bearing area, until clear (about 4-5 seconds.) Do this every day until you are odor-free for a period of 24 hours which can take anywhere from 4-14 days

Lume’s Solid Stick Deodorant can be used anywhere on the external body just like the Original Cream Deodorant can, however, the solid stick was formulated and launched with underarms in mind. We recommend the solid stick for pits and the cream formula for everywhere else. Most customers prefer having both in their odor-blocking bag of tricks! 

Below is a picture that should give you an idea of how just little of the Original Cream Deodorant you need. Here's a quick 
application demonstration video as well! 

Once you are odor-free for 24 hours, you can begin to experiment with how much and how often to apply Lume to fit your lifestyle and shower schedule. Lume Deodorant is clinically proven to block 100% of BO all day and continues to provide 72 hours of odor control, so if we notice BO before then, it’s actually our clothing! 

Prepping Clothes 
Lume Deodorant is clinically proven to block 100% of BO all day and continues to provide 72 hours of odor control. If we notice BO before then, that odor is actually caused by our clothing! A microscopic colony of microorganisms called biofilm (bacteria, fungus, & mold) grows in our clothing and stubbornly sticks around wash after wash. Even after washing, our body heat & moisture will reactivate these microorganisms and restart the stench cycle! Biofilm cements itself into the fibers of clothing and traditional detergents have a tough time getting rid of it alone, but Lume 
BIOfilm Buster products contains a highly concentrated enzyme blend that busts through the biofilm structures these microorganisms create and cling to in clothing, thus removing the permastink.

When you notice your clothes are getting stinky before they should throughout the day, that’s the time to treat them and remove the biofilm!  

BIOfilm Pre-Treat Spray & BIOfilm Sink Soak
Both Lume Laundry products have the same purpose -- to remove stubborn odor stains! The Sink Soak treats the entire garment more deeply where the Pre-Laundry Spray is perfect for smaller odor-prone areas. We recommend the soak for problem articles of clothing, towels, etc. as there is no chance of missing an invisible odor stain 😊

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