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Why Are Lume Body Wash & Body Butter acidified?

#BodyButter #BodyWash #pH

What's the difference between your Bar Soap & Acidified Body Wash?

Lume Bar Soap is an old-fashioned, moisturizing soap that can be used to gently cleanse anywhere on the external body with its skin-nourishing and supportive formula. If you are looking for additional odor-blocking benefits for your most odor-prone a

Do Lume Wipes prevent odor like Lume Deodorant?

While the wipes do contain the same active odor-fighting ingredients as our deodorant, it is not the same formula and is intended to prolong your odor-free interval between deodorant applications or to freshen up on the go. The wipes have not been cl

Are Lume Wipes hypoallergenic, cruelty-free, etc?

#phthalate-free #Vegan #Cruelty-free #Hypoallergenic #wholebodyuse #phthalate free

Are Lume Wipes flushable?

flushable / biodegradable / septic safe / compost